«Clinic of Aesthetic Dentistry»


    «Clinic of Aesthetic Dentistry»
    Hello. I want to express my gratitude to Dmitry Viktorovich Sutko. He's a specialist of the highest level, as well as an... attentive, positive (that's important in my case) and patient person. His attitude and recommendations helped to cope with considerable difficulties. And the most important thing is the professionalism of DmitrySutko. I'm very glad that I got to him.
    Thank you very much, dear Vladimir Vasilyevich Ivantsov! You are just a super doctor! I have never met such a responsibl...e doctor. Thank you for your attention, understanding, responsible attitude to the patient and very painless tooth extraction. If I ever have to remove a tooth, I will come only to you. You're a God. Thank you again.
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    Dentistry, Teeth whitening, Dental hygiene and prevention, Dental implantation, Orthodontics, Dental prosthetics, X-ray of teeth, Surgical dentistry, Children's dentistry, Orthodontic brackets, Panoramic pictures of teeth, Teeth restoration, Teeth extraction, Removal of tartar, Installation of veneers, Tooth splinting, Gum treatment
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